A Study of Domestic Violence among the South Asian in Hong Kong

By Jenny Chingkhannem Tonsing.

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Background and Purpose: Domestic violence is a widespread social and legal problem around the world and occurs in all social groups regardless of age, education, religion, economic status, ethnicity, or cultural identity. Violence against women is a growing problem as a human rights issue at the international level. While there have been research conducted to explore and understand domestic violence among Chinese women in Hong Kong, including the establishment of a special commission, “The Women’s Commission,” to address women’s issues, however, this does not extend to ethnic minority women in Hong Kong. Although South Asians have lived in Hong Kong for decades, there have been no studies conducted to examine domestic violence among the ethnic minorities (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, March 2008). For the purpose of this study, the South Asian women refer to Pakistani, Nepalese and Indian immigrants living in Hong Kong. Methods: The exploratory method study can help in understanding the study participants’ experiences with domestic violence. Implications: Findings from this study can help improve policies and services that are culturally sensitive and appropriate, aimed at reducing domestic violence among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Keywords: Domestic Violence, South Asian, Violence Against Women

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp.367-376. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 668.784KB).

Jenny Chingkhannem Tonsing

PhD, Criminology & Sociology, Royal Holloway, University of London, London, UK

My background in Social Work and my work experience as a Social Worker cultivated in me a mission concerning the welfare and well being of people, and matters of social injustice. The researcher’s interest in this research project goes beyond academia. Given the increasing population of South Asian in Hong Kong, the paucity of research and dearth of information on this group of women in the issue of domestic violence, aroused the interest of the researcher for a need to conduct a systematic research to understand their situation. This research project is not just meaningful for increasing my knowledge in this topic and academic achievement, but also for the benefit of the South Asian women in Hong Kong. As I thought about the women and the possibility this research might open for them in terms of future policy implementation and services in the area of domestic violence for South Asian women, and to fill in the gap in literature of domestic violence among the South Asian women in Hong Kong and also for future research direction. As I start working on this research project, I began to love it more and envision its promising future .


Study of Domestic Violence
By Kareen NingLianChing Tonsing

A timely and much needed research in this area...I am sure findings from this research will prove invaluable and significant, espcially towards inclusive policy for the South Asian communities...

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