An Enlightened Education: To Reform the Current Paradigm

By Helene Cristini.

Published by The Social Sciences Collection

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Our unique and common planet is living a period of interdependent crises. Not one area is spared: economics, business, politics, culture or ecology. In order to bring solutions to structural problems, whatever they are, we need to first tackle the inner human nature. In order to successfully reintroduce ethics or morality in knowledge and society at large, and in order to reform the over materialistic nature of our current paradigm, a careful reassessment of education and culture is needed so as to be able to incorporate a new awareness, imbued with spiritual values. This ethos needs to be disseminated to the entire culture mainly through the medium of education. Western education and culture underestimate the wisdom found in the treasures that lie in Christian, Jain, Hindu, Buddhist, Ancient Greek, Jewish, and Muslim culture yet they represent the treasures of human thought, so much needed to grow spiritually. It is due time to reintroduce these treasures in our education system. In the process of working on a documentary movie illustrating the latter ideas, I have led interviews with wise personalities representing of the worthy tradition quoted above. And I would like to use their contribution in order to enrich and raise the debate of how, when elevated, they can provide solutions to structural problems. Amongst the interviewed personalities who will add depth to how ethics and morality can propose numerous ways on how to tackle the main crisis of our time are the famous French Sister Emmanuelle (Catholic), Former Chief Rabbi of France René Samuel Sirat, Prince Hassan Ben Talal of Jordan, Kalun Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in exile, Professor Mishra (Hindu personality and director of the Ganga Action Plan), and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Keywords: Enlightened Education System, New Ethos, Reform, Current Paradigm, Interdependent Crises

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp.185-196. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.156MB).

Dr. Helene Cristini

Professor, Professor of International Relations Theory, International University of Monaco, Monaco, Monaco

French citizen, I have a western and oriental studying background. professor of International relations Theory, I also teach Business Ethics and Sustaining Development. My current research focuses on how to to reform the education system.


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