Social Theory beyond the Collapse of Communism and Capitalism

By Hector Sabelli.

Published by The Social Sciences Collection

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Bourbaki’s mother structures of mathematics, Piaget’s cognitive structures, and the three dimensions of the central nervous system, indicate that asymmetry, opposition, and evolution from simple to complex are the three fundamental patterns of processes. (1) Priority of the simple and supremacy of the complex: Social processes are generated in the context of planetary and biological processes that have priority in evolution and in function, and of complex psychological, ideological, and religious processes that acquire supremacy. Ecology and human biological needs have priority before economy; beliefs have supremacy over self-interest, and science and ideology have great social power. (2) Empirical studies demonstrate that natural and human processes are creative not random, tending to equilibrium, or merely chaotic. (4) Fractal Bios: All these processes demonstrate a pattern, Bios. (5) Bios is generated by the interaction of opposites in systems with bipolar and hierarchical feedback, providing a cybernetic formulation for Heraclitus’s dialectics. While economic theories stress competition and struggle, creative feedback involves both cooperation and antagonism. Economic processes depend on supply and demand, not one or the other, and must support both upper and lower classes. The current collapse of the economy results from the disparity between supply and demand, and the low salaries that reduce demand. (6) Hierarchical feedback indicates the need to attend first to the real economy, and to control the feedback by the financial pseudo-economy. (7) Creating jobs will remedy poverty and create demand, thereby stimulating production.

Keywords: Bios, Creativity, Economics, Environment, Health

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp.193-210. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.655MB).

Dr. Hector Sabelli

Director, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Hector Sabelli is an Argentine-born U.S. citizen, M.D., Ph.D., pharmacologist and psychiatrist, and former Professor at University of Rosario, Argentina, the Chicago Medical School, and Rush University of Chicago. He has published seven books, including Union of Opposites (1989) and Bios: A Study of Creation (2005), as well as over 200 scientific articles. His current interests include medical reasoning, Sociatry, social liberation, liberation theology, cybernetics, systems, chaos dynamics, and complexity.


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