Contemporary Programs and Strategies of Cultural Policies: Socio-Philosophical Analysis

By Iryna Matsevich.

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The research explicates and describes the conceptual and empirical basis of the transformation of cultural policies in contemporary society. The main purpose is to analyze the influence of new types of political programs elaborated for intensive development of cultural and creative industries on the reevaluation of cultural capital in sustainable development of society. The conclusions of the research raise the question concerning the necessity of the construction of a relevant social theory to describe new types of cultural policies in the XXI century.
The author examines the role of cultural resources and ways of its substantiation in the programs of cultural policies. The scrutiny of the latter provides the basis for revealing the factors of recognition of the role of cultural capital in socio-economic development. In fact, the formation of cultural and creative industries contributed to the actualization of the economic value of culture. Subsequently, attention was expanded to the multidimensional nature and value of cultural capital, which raised the issue concerning the necessity to overcome the dominance of the economic approach to cultural resources.
As a result, all explored items on the agenda and the context of their research create a wide field for the elaboration of new types of cultural policy. Consequently, philosophy and sociology face a challenge to prepare a value-normative and conceptual framework for political programs, analytical schemes and indicators of sustainable cultural development. The processes of the construction of new social structures force the reformulation of programs of cultural policy in terms of a relevant social theory.

Keywords: Cultural Capital, Creative Industries, Cultural Policy, Social Theory

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp.191-200. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.138MB).

Iryna Matsevich

Postgraduate Student, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden

I graduated from the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and my specialization is social philosophy. Now during postgraduate research at Uppsala University I develop my philosophical background in application to the practical reality of the European cultural policy. My academic interests include the following fields: programs and strategies of cultural policy as a subject of socio-philosophical analysis; cultural capital and its role in contemporary sustainable development; the conceptual basis of the elaboration and development of the European cultural and creative industries policy; the socio-philosophical methodological basis of the analysis of the programs of cultural and creative industries in the framework of European cultural policy.


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