Evaluation Utilization: A 15-Year Perspective within a Single Organization or “Do they Pay any Attention to us?”

By Neria Shahor, Ari Neuman, Ilan Shina, Anat Sarid and Zehava Saar.

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Evaluation is a form of action research and is committed to creating change in the evaluated process by offering applicable recommendations. Evaluation shares a fundamental question with many intervention actions: “Do they really bring about change?” Evaluation utilization, or EU, is essential in order to create those changes. However, numerous studies have shown that non-utilization and under-utilization are more common then effective utilization of evaluation. We will examine some of the leading EU concepts in today’s professional literature. We will also outline some of the major factors influencing EU and will present a case study of long term EU perspective in an educational organization - Karev educational program, that has an internal evaluation unit which has been active for almost 15 years, and has been struggling with EU for as long as that. During the study we used, among other things, a concept mapping process.

Keywords: Evaluation, Evaluation Utilization, Concept Mapping, Education, Karev, After School Program

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 3, Issue 9, pp.103-112. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.103MB).

Neria Shahor

yaad, Israel

Neria Shahor heads the internal evaluation unit in the “Karev (CRB) Program for Educational Involvement”. She has been practicing evaluation for 15 years, taught in Highschool and in Oranim Academic College.

Dr. Ari Neuman

Evaluation unit, shorashim, Israel

Dr. Ari Neuman holds a Ph.D. from Department of Education in the Ben Gurion University in Israel. He is Interested in home schooling and in Program Evaluation. He have been practicing program evaluation for more then 12 years and is now working as an Evaluator for the “Karev (CRB) Program for Educational Involvement”. He alsow heads “Muvanim – Evaluation Team”. He is a member of “The Center for Futurism in Education” in the Ben Gurion University, and teaches program evaluation in the Westren Glilee College.

Ilan Shina


Ilan Shina - M.A in Organizational Sociology (cum laude), B.A (Interdisciplinary) in Psychology, Sociology & Criminology (cum laude). Characterization, Assimilation, Instruction & Implementation of ERP software: SAP, SBO, ORACLE. A member of the evaluation unit in the “Karev (CRB) Program for Educational Involvement.”

Anat Sarid


Anat Sarid is a member of the evaluation unit in the “Karev (CRB) Program for Educational Involvement”, and deals with project evaluation for 11 years. She holds a master degree in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv university.

Zehava Saar


Zahava Saar is an evaluator and director of the Information Unit of the CRB program for involvement in education. She has a wealth of experience in evaluating curricula and educational projects using diverse research methods, with an emphasis on quantitative research methodologies. M.A. in organizational psychology.


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