Sexual-Affective Education in Working-Class Youth: Class, Gender, and Sexuality Across the Process of Socialization/Subjectivation

By Mar Venegas Medina.

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From an interdisciplinary Social Sciences approach, the research on sexual-affective education has been missed historically as a social phenomenon until very recently. Within the British context, researchers have included the topic of sex education mainly due to the high rates of teenage pregnancy. In Spain, sexual-affective education keeps on being a gap within the research agenda for Social Sciences such as Sociology, Social Anthropology, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. In this paper, I will present a research that is an attempt to shed some light on this gap. It refers to a study on sexual-affective education as a social-educational phenomenon, which plays a key role across the process of socialization/subjectivation by which the individual becomes a social gendered and sexualised being, this is the process by which a person is defined, self-identified and acts in terms of gender and sexuality. In particular, the paper refers to this process in the case of working-class youth, and looks into the family as one of the most relevant agencies of socialization/subjectivation for the topic of this research.

Keywords: Sexual-Affective Education, Working-Class Youth, Social Class, Gender, Sexuality, Socialization, Subjectivation

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp.233-242. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 530.288KB).

Mar Venegas Medina

Lecturer, PhD Student, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Granada, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

I have a degree in sociology. I also have a MA on Gender Equal Opportunities. I am doing my PhD on sexual-affective education in adolescents. I started my research work on the fields of anthropology and gender studies. My work at this moment is on the field of sociology, education, and gender studies. I am interested in gender and sexuality; social class; education, citizenship, and participation; and coeducation. My work is particularly oriented to gender equality and education concerns.


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