Andrés Manjón´s Education in Values: Applications in the Teaching of Mathematics

By Irene Real García, Francisco Ruíz López and Isidoro Segovia Álex.

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Between 1889 and 1923, Andrés Manjón carried out his pedagogic work in the Ave-María Schools, which he founded, amongst the poorest children in Granada. He practiced an outdoor, lively, recreational, active, physical, intellectual, moral and religious teaching, in order to raise “upright” men and women who were prepared for life in society. He developed his own methodological principles, similar in many ways to those developed by the emerging École Nouvelle. His strong religious beliefs made him base this particular pedagogical work on Christian values, thus moral and religious education became the centre of all his teaching.
A. Manjón used all subjects to achieve his objective. Even in such a “dry” and “abstract” discipline as Mathematics he found ways, means and resources to introduce social, ethical and religious applications. In this paper, we describe some of the strategies he used to teach Arithmetic and Geometry while at the same time instilling moral, social and religious values. Although his particular style of education is inevitably conditioned by his historical, social and personal circumstances, even today it can provide ideas for how to include values such as peace, tolerance and solidarity in Mathematics classes

Keywords: Values, Education, Morals, Religion, Society, Teaching, Didactics, Mathematics, History

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp.9-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.011MB).

Irene Real García

Secondary Teacher and Researcher, Department of Didactics of Mathematics, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Graduate in Mathematics in Complutense University of Madrid, specialized in Didactics and Astronomy & Geodesy. Working as a High School teacher in Granada. At the moment, carrying out doctoral research on history of mathematical education.

Dr. Francisco Ruíz López

University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Department of Didactics of Mathematics, University of Granada, Spain.

Dr. Isidoro Segovia Álex

University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Department of Didactics of Mathematics, University of Granada, Spain.


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