Social Responsibility in SMEs: A Conceptual Framework

By Cristina Aragón Amonarriz, Cristina Iturrioz Landart and Francisco José Olarte Marín.

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The increasing pressure that business sector has to explicitly engage in activities described as social responsibility along with the proliferation of different approaches, and methodologies for its implementation, can confuse business managers and make them lose the opportunity of developing a real and strategic firm mentality of social responsibility. The alignment between the business strategy and the social responsibility actions is needed, in order to prevent social responsibility to be merely a aggregation of a series of uncoordinated actions not always effective, neither for the most relevant business stakeholders nor for the business competitiveness. As Porter and Kramer (2006) state a company must integrate a social perspective into the core framework it already uses to guide its business strategy. If the firm social strategy is anchored in its particular business strategy, social responsibility actions represent an opportunity to create value for the society and for the business. But all this value creating approach of social responsibility it would be only an authentic social responsibility strategy if there is a shared system of values along the organization that supports it, nevertheless social responsibility wouldn’t be but a series of cosmetic efforts to demonstrate the company’s social awareness about social issues. The evaluation of the idiosyncratic characteristics of the small firms evidences that implementing social responsibility actions is focused in its core business strategy, is based on close relations and cooperation with their closest stakeholders and is conditioned by the systems of values. This paper gives new insights into the engagement of businesses in the social responsibility extracted from the small size firms rationale and to apply it to deepening into some basic questions that guide firms to develop a veritable and value-creating Social Responsibility Strategy.

Keywords: Social Responsibility, Small Business

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp.253-262. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 589.786KB).

Dr. Cristina Aragón Amonarriz

Professor, Department of the ESTE, Deusto University, Spain

Head - Business Organization and Policy Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration-ESTE, Deusto University. Ph.D. in Economics and Business Management.

Dr. Cristina Iturrioz Landart

Department of the ESTE, Deusto University, Spain

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration-ESTE, Deusto University. Ph.D. in Economics and Business Management.

Francisco José Olarte Marín

Deusto University, Spain

Emeritus University Professor of the Deusto University. Ph D in Physical Science from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Bachelor in Computing by the Universidad Politecnica in Madrid.


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