“Self-expression” as Contributes to Commitment in Business/Work Organizations

By Esther Bahat.

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Most studies point to the calculative aspects determining the commitment to business/work organizations. This paper argues that expression of the “self” contributes to collective work efforts in addition to cost-benefit calculations. The study is conducted of 19 individual interviews. The data analysis was based upon the “analytic induction” approach. Results showed that in business/work organizations there are opportunities for expressing identities, but they are limited and related to the job and organization. The commitment is expressed mainly in statements of intention to stay in the organization. Conclusions are offered regarding the importance of the expressions of the entire range of identities—social, role, and personal. Expression of the “real-self” will lead to the developing an identification with the organization and contribution to the organization beyond the “call of duty”.

Keywords: Organizational Commitment, Self-Identity, Self-expression, Need/abilities

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 11, pp.63-72. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 762.414KB).

Dr. Esther Bahat

Ph.D. Student, Ph.D. Studies within the Framework of the Graduate Studies Authority - The Committee for Doctoral Studies, University of Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Esther Bahat is a teaching professor of social-organizational psychology at University of Haifa, and also at the College of Management Academic Studies, and at the Israel Academic College. Her primary research interests focus on the relation between a person’s individual characteristics and the opportunities that his or her organization provides for realization of those characteristics (person-organization Fit, or P-O Fit). Specifically she is interested in organizational behavior, leadership, and motivation. Bahat’s current research focuses on the unique and distinguished characteristics of community organizations, which differentiate them from business organizations. Currently, Bahat is in the process of creating a model of community organizations.


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