Human Security, Conflict and Women: Rwanda in Retrospect

By Sanju Gupta.

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The post-cold war world has seen a profound transformation in the concept of security, as conflicts take place to a greater extent within states, rather than between them. There can be no international security when civil peace is uncertain, and there can be no national security without a modicum of peace elsewhere. This peace has come to depend on the security not only of resources and protection of the environment, but also of human rights. These changes in the concept of security have brought about a new security paradigm, which is now “human”. One major reason for this is the rising incidence of civil wars and intra state conflicts, involving loss of life, ethnic cleansing, genocide etc. While conflicts inflict suffering on everyone, women are particularly affected. Sexual assault and exploitation are employed as tools of war. Still in many ways, the theory and practice of international security remains “a man’s world.” Feminist theorists are increasingly arguing that gender has an impact on what we study, why we study and how we study global politics. “Gender” should hence be considered important in addressing security matters such as conflict, war crimes and rape, as depicted in the case of the genocide in Rwanda. With the central focus on Rwanda, therefore, the paper examines: the impact of armed conflict on women and the role of women in peace building in post-conflict Rwanda.

Keywords: Human Security, Conflict, Gender, Genocide, Post-conflict Societies, Peace Building

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 10, pp.191-202. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 797.784KB).

Dr. Sanju Gupta

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, JDMC, University of Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India

Dr. Sanju Gupta has been an Associate Professor of Political Science, teaching contemporary international relations and foreign policies, for the last 19 years. Gupta’s areas of research and specialization include non-traditional security studies, South Asia, West Asia and Energy geo-politics, energy and sustainable development. Gupta has published and presented articles/papers related to above mentioned themes of interests.


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