The Written Composition and Cultural Variables

By Rosario Arroyo González, Francisco Salvador-Mata, Antonio García Guzmán, Antonio Rodríguez Fuentes, Rafaela Gutierrez Caceres, María Gervilla Zapata and José Luis Gallego Ortega.

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Technological communication and knowledge access in the 21st century demands written composition skills from users. Computers have not only introduced new ways of generating and organizing writing, but have also incorporated a textual component to social relations. As a consequence, a conceptual and research evolution on writing that integrates cognitive, linguistic, socio-politic and cultural perspectives of written language has been shown in the last decade. This integration of perspectives has allowed us to understand that 21st century societies are essentially composed of computerized and multicultural writers, that is: a) particular subjects who develop complex and integrated cognitive processes with technological abilities.b) citizens of a broad community who develop multilingual writing competences

Keywords: Multilingual Writing, Cognitive Processes, Intercultural Strategies

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp.301-312. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 588.403KB).

Dr. Rosario Arroyo González

Titular de Universidad, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

PhD on Philosophy and Educational Sciences in the Department of Didactics and School Organization, University of Granada, 1998. University Lecturer in the field of Special Education since 2001. She has taught in all levels of the Spanish Educational System. Her researching activity has been focused on multicultural teaching and language difficulties. In the last years she has combined this research line with the application and use of new technologies. She has coordinated a Training Project granted by the Andalusian Government. She has developed some educational and research projects in the United Kingdom. She is the author of some publications on Pedagogy and a lecturer in scientific events. The following works are included among these: Melilla: Context analysis and multicultural reflection (1994); Design and Development of the Intercultural Currículum (2000); Organizing the Culture of Diversity, (2003); The Process of Planning in the Written Composition of Primary Education Students (2005); The Teaching of Written Composition in a Multicultural Context: 1 Case Study (2005); Didactic Strategies for theTeaching of Metacognition in Written Composition in a Multicultural Contexts(2005); The Intercultural Processes in Written Composition (2006).

Dr. Francisco Salvador-Mata

Chairman, Department of Didactics and School Organization, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Prof. Antonio García Guzmán

Teacher and Researcher, Department of Didactics and scholastic organization, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Antonio Rodríguez Fuentes

University of Granada, Spain

Rafaela Gutierrez Caceres

University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Dr. Prof. María Gervilla Zapata

Profesora Asociada, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar, University of Almeria, Ceuta, Spain

Prof. José Luis Gallego Ortega

Teacher, Department of Schoolastic Organization, University of Granada, Granada, Spain


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