Social Representations of Co-operation between Authorities: An Example from Finnish Legislation Concerning Serious Poultry Diseases

By Heli Irmeli Koskinen.

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At the University of Helsinki, Finland, the social representations about co-operation between authorities were explored by sociolinguistic text analysis method. The research was performed during Spring 2010, and was concentrated on textual analysis of legal and other official texts, which control and guide the action of authorities. It was found that both the hierarchy of authorities and knowledge-based co-operation emphasized the existence of an information chain between authorities. This information chain was presupposed to be ready for emergency situations, although the importance of co-operation and information change had to repeat several times- as if it would be not self-evident for different authorities. What should be reconstructed after this research is the organization of leadership, the effect of media, and the diversity of societies.

Keywords: Social Representation, Sociolinguistic, Co-operation, Authority, Poultry Disease

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp.171-178. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 727.823KB).

Dr. Heli Irmeli Koskinen

Postgraduate Student in Social Psychology, Department of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

DVM, Ph.D. Heli I. Koskinen graduated five years ago from Vet. Faculty of University of Helsinki. Simultaneously she studied behavioral and pedagogical sciences at Helsinki University and made her doctoral studies on veterinary education evaluation. Her publications┬┤ material consists mainly of the teaching evaluation in animal reproduction and veterinary diagnostic imaging. In addition, she is interested in co-operation between authorities especially in animal disease situations.


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