Construct Validity Assessment of Two Emotional Intelligence Measures: Implications for Program Development in the CBA

By Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson and Steve Frankforter.

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Since the 1990’s emotional intelligence has gained importance as a predictor of academic and career success. The American College Personnel Association advocates incorporating emotional intelligence into professional development activities. As part of a research study to measure and improve emotional intelligence of a cohort of students at a small public southeastern university, two survey instruments were used to measure emotional intelligence. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the results of a direct comparison of two instruments used to measure emotional intelligence, the EQI-Hed and TTI-EQ.
The first instrument is the EQI Higher Education Edition (EQI-Hed) is a self-report measure of emotionally and socially competent behavior as an estimate of one’s social and emotional intelligence. The EQI-Hed was developed by Reuven Bar-On (2000) to measure an array of non-cognitive capabilities, competencies and skills based on the construct model of social and emotional intelligence. The second instrument is the TTI Emotional Quotient (TTI-EQ) assessment to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence. TTI-EQ focuses on five areas within interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Construct Validity

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.211-226. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 812.675KB).

Dr. Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson

Assistant Professor, Management & Marketing, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, USA

Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson, Ph.D. is currently an Assistant Professor of Management and Director of Student Professional Development at Winthrop University in Rock Hill. SC. Her research interests include emotional intelligence, workforce readiness and business communications.

Dr. Steve Frankforter

Associate Dean, Management and Marketing, Winthrop University, USA

Steven Frankforter is a Professor of Management in the College of Business Administration at Winthrop University. He earned his PhD at the University of Washington. His research interests include emotional intelligence, assessment, stewardship theory, and corporate governance.


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