Parental Stress in an Upbringing Situation and Giving Children Help: A Model of the Phenomenon

By Agnieszka Szymańska.

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The article presents a substantive model for connections between latent constructs: discrepancy between parental goals and child’s actual state, experienced parental stress, child’s negative representation in the parent’s mind, reaction to stress (stress fighting, stress defence) and giving the child help.
It was hypothesized that discrepancy between parental goals and child’s actual state is connected with the parental stress experienced. Stress appears as a consequence of a parent’s inability to execute his/her goals. Owing to stress experience the child’s representation in the parent’s mind changes. Depending on the type of this representation parents tend to adopt either of two behaviours typical of stress coping: stress fighting or defence against stress. It was hypothesized that in the situation when a parent tries to cope with difficulties by stress fighting he/she would be more eager to give his/her child help.
The presented model was verified by the one-level structural equation model (SEM). The IBM AMOS 19 program was used for that purpose.
The research was conducted on a Polish sample of 120 participants; mothers and fathers of children aged three to ten years old took part in internet research.
Connections between variables appeared to be of medium and high strength. The model fits the data well.

Keywords: Discrepancy, Parental Stress, Giving Child Help, Child’s Representation

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp.141-154. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.041MB).

Agnieszka Szymańska

Ph. D. Student, Cognitive Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland

I am Ph. D. student at Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University. I am interested in parent-child interaction. In the circle of my interests lie conflicts in parent–child interaction and the consequences of the conflicts on child’s personality development. I am interested in psychometric and statistics which I widely use in my researches. I work on application of higher statistics (like Structural Equation Modeling and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling) in the researches concentrated on child’s upbringing process, (especially on children’s relationships with parents and on impact of these relationships on child’s personality development). Lately, I work on linkage of quantitative and qualitative methods in the researches.


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