Visual Culture`s Role On the Emergence of Identity: An Introduction to the Relation between the Super-Ego and Social Change

By Mehmet Evren Eken.

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The article focuses on the nexus between visual culture and identity formation by implementing a Lacanian social theory into three paintings by Tintoretto, Velazquez and Dali respectively. During the last decade the importance of
everyday life has gradually become a junction between social
sciences, ranging from sociology to international relations,
visual culture and anthropology. Along with discerning the
limits of structural determinations on identity, new
approaches on the constraints and powers of individual
choices have increasingly started to be welcomed by social
theory. Due to that, the very basics of everyday life, such
as reality and identity have begun to be the new objects of
analyses. However, the importance of visuality, as to its
impacts on the structuration of identity is yet to be
understood as an ordinary component of everyday life. Hence
the aim of this paper is to set forth an introductory
argument for scrutinizing the impact of visual culture on
the sources of identity and its wider ties relating to the
changing patterns of socialization and social change through
an interdisciplinary perspective. The critical nuance of
this introductory argument is that visual culture has a deep
and indirect impact on the sources of identity and
socialization process, rather than having a direct impact on

Keywords: Visual Culture, Popular Culture, Identity, Reality, Socialization, Super-ego

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 12, pp.205-214. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 840.272KB).

Mehmet Evren Eken

MSc and MA Student, MSc Student in Sociology at the Hacettepe University, Turkey , and MA Student in Geopolitics&Grand Strategy at the University of Sussex, the UK, University of Hacettepe, University of Sussex, London, UK

M. Evren Eken graduated from Public Administration in 2005 and subsequent to this graduation he conducted MA studies in Sociology, International Relations and History of Art at the Hacettepe University, Turkey, Middle East Technical University, Turkey and Chemnitz Technology University, Germany respectively. He is currently studying MA in Geopolitics & Grand Strategy, at the University of Sussex, UK. In addition, he holds the International Security Award of the University of Sussex 2010. M. Evren Eken`s main academic interests lies at the intersections of Contemporary Social Theory, Social Change, Visuality And Geopolitics.


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