Reporting from the Edge: Philip Slater and the New Journalism

By John U. Peters.

Published by The Social Sciences Collection

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This essay relates American sociologist Philip Slater’s book The Pursuit of Loneliness to the late 20th-century American literary movement known as The New Journalism. Slater’s argument that American middle-class tendency to value privacy above social inclusivity reveals a predicament in which American society finds itself at an “Edge.” In examining Slater’s argument in general, I would add that the precarious social division he describes is relevant to the New Journalism, and to illustrate this point I include quotations from Slater, Tom Wolfe, Joan Didion, Norman Mailer, Christopher Isherwood, and others.

Keywords: Philip Slater, The New Journalism, Edge

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 11, pp.283-288. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 572.739KB).

Dr. John U. Peters

Lecturer, Department of English, California State University, Northridge, Los Angeles, USA

John U. Peters teaches English and American literature at California State University, Northridge. He has published academic articles on several authors including Keats, Ruskin, Abraham Lincoln, D.G. Rossetti, and Hemingway.


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