Character Education Seeking the Best of Both Worlds: A Study of Cultural Identity and Leadership in Egypt

By Nevien Mattar and Rania Khalil.

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Over the last decades, the Arab world has witnessed subtle changes to behaviors of human communication which have degenerated trust and eroded competence festering in the community as a major illness leaving no true leadership in view. In turn this has affected the understanding of cultural identity and purpose of many young Arab individuals. This study explores how theories of character education put in curriculum and practice at a privately owned school Hayah International Academy established in 2003 and based in Cairo- Egypt, is able to generate both a work and academic environment that carries a central role in the formation of competence and the generating of a solid cultural identity through four essential pillars: 1- the building of solid concepts, 2- the acquisition of academic knowledge, 3- the achievement of superior skills and 4- the establishment of character and behavior. The study examines and considers both Arab character education programs like Alruyah Program constructed by Nussiaba Abdel Aziz AlMutawaa and other well established programs within the field. The Character Education Program at Hayah which runs from early childhood to high-school, communicates high levels of moral development taking into consideration collective cultural codes, human behavior, components of identity and the causes of identity crises of young Arabs in order to promote effective social habits and cultivate ethical goal oriented productive future leaders. Hayah’s Character Education Program enriches the cultural landscape of its immediate community repairing the present for a better future for Egyptians and Arabs alike.

Keywords: Character Education, Cultural Identity, Leadership, Service Learning, Academic Competence, Behavioural Science, Education, Alruyah Program, Egypt

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 11, pp.23-52. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.882MB).

Nevien Mattar

Head of Character Education and Director of Arabic Studies, Character Education Department , Arabic Studies, Hayah International Academy, Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt

Nevien Mattar is the Head of the Character Education Department and Director of Arabic Studies at Hayah International Academy in Egypt. She is the only certified Alruyah program trainer in Egypt and editor to Alruyah program book series with thirty years of experience in the field of education and self development. Her conference participation includes Kuwait, Germany, UK, the US and Egypt.

Dr. Rania Khalil

The British University in Egypt, Cairo, Sherouk, Egypt

Dr. Rania Khalil is a Lecturer of English Language in the English Department at the British University in Egypt.


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