Quickwrite Using Quranic Verses in English

By Fayrouz AbdulSalam and Lubna Almenoar.

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Researchers have found it very beneficial and effective in making connections with students’ prior knowledge and experience with the new knowledge that they are about to be taught. There many ways that a teacher would attempt to use experiential learning with students. It can be used as a pre-reading activity in a discussion to explore what students already know about the topic to be taught. It can also be used during a reading activity when a student stumbles upon a difficult vocabulary word and the teacher decides that the best way to achieve clear understanding of the word is to apply it to the students’ prior experience. It could also be done as a post-reading or extended activity as a writing assignment whereby the students can be asked to explicitly relate prior experiences to the new knowledge which has just been taught to them. This extended activity aims at retaining the new knowledge in memory with clear understanding and the ability to recall it with ease when necessary.Teaching vocabulary through experiential learning has other significant benefits which is tied with enhancing all three aspects in the field of teaching and learning: cognitive, metacognitive and social affect.
The name of the technique, "Quickwrite", is derived from the act of writing notes and jotting down information based on an explanation and understanding through prior experience. Thus, the new information clarified and understood through a prior experience will be personal and perhaps only understood by that student. "Quickwrite" refers to the study skill of jotting down those notes, scribbling as neatly as possible all over the pages of the literary text studied and explained in the classroom. The notes are in phrases, little drawings and could also be in the student's native language.

Keywords: Literary Text, Experiential Learning, Quranic Verses in English, Post-reading or Extended Reading Activity, Vocabulary

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 10, pp.31-58. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.342MB).

Fayrouz AbdulSalam

Assistant Lecturer, English Department, British University in Egypt, ElSherouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Ms Fayrouz AbdulSalam is a colleague who works in The English Department at The British University in Egypt.Ms Fayrouz functions as a prominent modular contributor and representative of The Resource Room in The English Department. I appreciate Ms Fayrouz's creative input,ideas and advice in the production of this paper.

Dr. Lubna Almenoar

Lecturer, English Department, British University in Egypt, Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

I am a U.S. citizen with a PhD in English Literature and Applied Linguistics-Stylistics, as well as a master's degree and a postgraduate teaching diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language. I have taught both in the United States and abroad. My research is in the field of using English language translations of the Quran as material for the teaching of English language and literature to non-native English speakers. I have done extensive work in this area since 1992, and I have accumulated many case studies and classroom observations. Starting from the experience of substituting sections from the Quran for the standard classroom text, I have employed various pedagogical approaches to teaching the Quran as literature - questionnaires, stylistic analysis, comparative studies of different English language translations, linguistic analysis of verses, and so on. I have also organized a forum on this topic with experts in the field. In doing all of this, my intention was not to look at the religious value of the verses, but at the literary value that is so abundant in both the English language translations and the original. I would like to publish and share my research-based findings internationally.


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