Deconstruction of Knowledge Nature in the Views of Derrida and Feyerabend: The Possibility and Necessity of Interdisciplinary Studies in Higher Education

By Saeid Zarghami-Hamrah.

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In this study, the nature of knowledge in Derrida’s views and Feyerabend's thoughts have been considered and compared to analyze the possibility and necessity of interdisciplinary studies in higher education. The research method for comparing the thoughts of Derrida and Feyerabend is comparative analysis, and the research approach in studying the nature of knowledge and the relation between its various domains is deconstruction. Derrida believes throughout the history of Western thinking, some areas of knowledge as philosophy, mathematics and logic have been considered rational, and thus deemed important, whereas some other areas like literature, poetry and art have been thought irrational and considered less important. By using deconstruction, he concludes that various domains of knowledge such as philosophy, literature and even new science are different language systems and because of the metaphoric, historical and interpretative nature of language, the various fields of knowledge are not representations of reality and have a metaphoric nature. Therefore, none of them have dominance over the others but are interdependent and intertwined. From a different perspective and by knowing the ideas of leading philosophers of science as well as by calling the nature of knowledge into question, Feyerabend has ruled out the fundamental and methodological difference between science and other domains of human culture and achieved results which are more or less like Derrida’s thoughts. Regarding the research findings, designing academic curriculums on the basis of horizontal relationship between disciplines rather than vertical relationship, the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary designing and designing academic curriculums on the basis of subjects rather than disciplines have been recommended.

Keywords: Knowledge Nature, Interdisciplinary Studies, Derrida, Feyerabend, Higher Education, Curriculum

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 9, pp.481-490. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 683.810KB).

Saeid Zarghami-Hamrah

Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Faculty Member of Tarbiat Moallem University, Tarbiat Moallem University, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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