Exploring Ethno-Religious Identity: Transition in Malay Muslim Culture and Practice

By Rosila Bee Mohd Hussain.

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This article will explore the propensity of interpersonal communication in developing and maintaining Malay Muslims culture and identity. The research was conducted among Malaysian post-graduate students in Western Australia. Firstly, I will look into the importance of ethno-religious identity among the Malay student’s in relation to their current culture and practice. I will then examine how the Malay is reworking their identity in their daily encounter which then contributes to the alteration of their daily culture and practice in Australia. I then will consider how interpersonal communication aspect facilitates in these transitions. Hence, I will attempt to discuss the relationship between idea of situational and symbolic community in determining their ethno-religious identity in foreign land with respect to their ethno-religious identity. Finally, I will focus on how Malay students transform their culture and practice in different environment and contemplate on identifying the significance of this transition among the Malay student’s in Australia amidst returning to their own country upon completion of their study.

Keywords: Ethnic Identity, Religious Identity, Culture, Interpersonal Communication

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 8, pp.371-382. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 658.203KB).

Rosila Bee Mohd Hussain

Postgraduate Student (PhD), Department of Anthropology and Sociology, The University of Western Australia and University of Malaya, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I am currently attached with University of Malaya, Malaysia. I have been teaching Anthropology and Sociology for a few years including in Taylor’s College and UTAR in Malaysia. I am now working on my PhD research theses on Malay ethnic identity with Department of Anthropology and Sociology, The University of Western Australia. My Masters research was on ethnic polarization. My field of interest would be on ethnicity, ethnic relation and ethnic identity. I’m also interested at looking at the idea of interpersonal communication in relation to ethnic identity, which I’m currently applying in my research. I’m planning to conduct more research on this areas in the near future including conducting cross-cultural studies with other ethnic groups.


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