The Teaching Practice for Romanian Students in Social Sciences: The Romanian Students’ Teaching Practice on Civic Culture

By Gabriela Gruber.

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All students attending a Romanian University can become teachers by following the courses offered by a Teacher Training Department. The initial training for a teaching profession requires students to take courses in Psychology, Pedagogy, Didactics and Teaching Practice within their academic speciality. Third year education students practice teaching in secondary schools in one of the disciplines related to their academic specialty. Thus, students in Law, those in International Relations and European Studies, those in Political Sciences or in Journalism can teach Civic Culture in compulsory education, secondary level, which is an interdisciplinary approach. The first sequence of this paper is concerned with the Curriculum for the Teaching Practice and the competencies which have to be developed by the student teachers during their teaching practice. The second part of the paper characterises the teaching activities required from the student teachers who are teaching Civic Culture. By teaching such an interdisciplinary approach, they have to focus on specific concepts from Psychology, Sociology, History, Law, Public Administration and Media. They also have to develop some democratic values and attitudes in their pupils, especially on liberty, equality, human rights, tolerance or multiculturalism and the adequate citizen duties. Student teachers have to assist their mentors, which are the regular teachers for the application classes and have to sustain teaching activities assisted by their mentors and colleagues. Each teaching activity sustained by a student teacher is analysed and assessed by his mentor. The analysis is also extended on the teaching design documents, meaning the lesson plans and the learning unit projects. The last sequence of this paper presents the teaching practice portfolio, which has to be completed by each of the student teachers during the teaching practice period.

Keywords: Teaching Practice, Romania, Education, Civic Culture, Student Teacher, Mentor

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp.321-330. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 609.811KB).

Gabriela Gruber

Universitary Lecturer, Teacher Training Department, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania

Gabriela Gruber is a Ph.D. lecturer whose competencies include Teaching History and Civic Culture. She coordinates the apprentice students’ teaching practice for students studying History, Law, Political Sciences or Journalism. Her Ph.D. degree was in History, with a thesis about “The National Liberal Party-Gheorghe Bratianu, 1930-1938”. Her interests are devided between contemporary History and the process of teaching Social Sciences using the newest methodologies and pedagogical trends. She is also interested in analysing the differences between the specific teaching approaches made by the apprentice students belonging to different specialities in Social Sciences.


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