Prevalence of Communication Apprehension at a Community College

By Rosemary K. Degner.

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The purpose of the quantitative correlational study was to explore the prevalence of communication apprehension at a Texas community college. Survey instruments included the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension–24 and a demographic questionnaire. Participants self-reported feelings about communicating with other people. Participants included 111 leaders and employees throughout the organizational structure of a community college. The overall communication apprehension scores of participants indicated the prevalence of communication apprehension. Overall scores were low, although significant mean differences existed between five organizational components of the college (F = 3.877; p = .006). The findings indicated the organizational component with the highest levels of overall communication apprehension was the support staff, making these employees possible candidates for communication training through workshops or seminars. The current study was designed to add to the body of research addressing communication apprehension in the context of a community college. The results from the study have implications for leaders in a variety of contexts and might help organizational leaders understand the complexity of communication apprehension throughout the organizational structure.

Keywords: Organizational Communication, Communication Apprehension, Organizational Structure, Community College

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp.183-192. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 603.394KB).

Dr. Rosemary K. Degner

Faculty, Speech Department, Blinn College, Bryan, Texas, USA

Dr. Rosemary Degner is a communication and business faculty member at Blinn College and the University of Phoenix in the United States. Her academic degrees include a Doctorate of Business Administration from University of Phoenix, and a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science from Texas A&M University. As an author, Dr. Degner wrote a communication textbook on the topic of public speaking anxiety. Working as a communication consultant, Dr. Degner provides communication training in the areas of organizational communication, teamwork, small group communication, interpersonal communication, effective organizational meetings, and public speaking. During a lifetime of service, education and career choices, Dr. Degner follows her passion for teaching in the classroom and business environment.


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