When Societies Collide: A Trilogy About Immigration: Part One: Stakeholder Identification through the Synthesis of Information

By Patricia B. Strait.

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This paper is the first of a trilogy of articles which explores immigration practices in the United States and Europe. In this first part of the trilogy, the sources which inform and shape the immigration debate will be explored. Currently, the majority of information regarding immigration comes from four sources: First, the news media which provides testimonials and descriptions of current events; second, government agencies such as the US Census Bureau, and the European Commission which collect statistical information; third, nongovernment organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the Pew Research Center which report on a variety of immigration issues; and fourth, scholarly journals which explore historical aspects of global diasporas as well as demographic shifts in populations. An overreliance on any one of these sources can create a skewed view of immigration and lead to the omission of key stakeholders. This article examines and integrates information from all four of the sources mentioned above, and in doing so contends that there are four key stakeholders to be considered. The key stakeholders are: host populations, private enterprise, undocumented immigrants, and immigrant citizens. An imbalance among the stakeholders can and does result in a series of immigration missteps and ethical dilemmas. The second article in the Immigration Trilogy will examine specific ethical dilemmas which have resulted from an over reliance on a single source of information and thereby resulting in the dominance of a particular stakeholder. The final article in the trilogy will present a proposal for a new immigration model which synthesizes information from the four data sources, incorporates the concerns of the key stakeholders, and advances immigration reform.

Keywords: Immigration, Ethics, Stakeholders, Citizenship, Human Rights

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.319-326. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 598.604KB).

Dr. Patricia B. Strait

Professor and Program Chair, Human Resource Management, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Dr. Strait began her career in the United States Navy where she served as an air traffic controller for four years. Upon finishing her tour with the navy, she held various positions in airport management. After completing her Ph.D., she served as a visiting professor of public management at Virginia Tech, and as a faculty member at Old Dominion University. Dr. Strait has published and written articles in both English and Spanish involving topics such as labor economics, immigration, and employee ethics. She has also been a speaker at several international conferences including: London, Quebec, Brussels, Vancouver, Valencia, Spain, Berne, Switzerland, and Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Strait currently serves as a full time faculty member and program director of Human Resources and Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond.


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