Can Liberal States Control Unwanted Migration?

By Yasin Kerem Gümüş.

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One of the popular arguments of our time is liberal states are incapable to control unwanted migration. The supporters of the idea argue that push factors such as population growth, poverty and irresponsible desire of individuals for economic advancement on the one hand, pull factors which derive from material and moral economies of the advanced countries on the other hand create sufficient supply of potential migrants from poor countries. Taken together, these trends describe a global political economy that is being more integrated and population movement tends to be as important as movements of capital, goods and services. In addition, they argue that laws, programs and techniques used by states to regulate migration for public purposes are not adequate. On the contrary, optimists such as Freeman, Joppke, argue that these kinds of claims are exaggerated. According to them, liberal states indicate neither that they have basically failed to manage nor control immigration across their borders nor it is not possible to exercise more control. On the contrary, the capacity of liberal states to control immigration has increased. But, according to Joppke, for domestic reasons, liberal states are kept from putting this capacity to use and the failure of liberal states to control immigration is due to not global, but for domestic reasons. The paper addresses the question whether liberal states can control unwanted migration or can produce effective policies to regulate migration for public purposes. While first part analyzes specific tasks and problems migration poses, second part deals with the reason liberal states accept unwanted migration.

Keywords: Unwanted Migration, Liberal States, Immigration Control

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.33-40. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 633.320KB).

Dr. Yasin Kerem Gümüş

Research Fellow, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey

Dr. Yasin Kerem Gümüş is a research fellow at Sakarya University. His research interests are in European Labour Markets, International Labour Migration and European Social Policies. He is also responsible for conducting EFQM Total Quality Management System in the University. He was a member of the team which brought “2010 National Grand Quality Award” to Sakarya University which became the first University to be granted in Turkey.


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