Conversations with Truckies: Looking at Life through Glass

By Jann Karp.

Published by The Social Sciences Collection

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Gaining entry to the long-haul trucking industry is difficult for an ‘outsider’. In the case of truck drivers it is made more difficult by their mobility. Truckies are sometimes labelled as deviants, separate from the broader working community. This research, which focused on male drivers, resulted in gaining information around issues such as why they chose the profession, and economic factors. The research was conducted by building a relationship with the participants while riding along with them, and the ‘data’ was the collected information; hence the title of this paper. The value of the research collection was the breakthrough of stereotypes in order to present life and work as the truckies themselves see it. These Australian voices are found missing in research about the transport industry. The results of the research are a greater understanding of the influence of economic factors and industry regulations in the long-haul industry, particularly concerning health and safety. The aim of the work was to continue building an understanding of working people’s lives and pass that understanding on to ‘outsiders’: essentially giving workers a voice.

Keywords: Trucking, Economics, Illegal, Networks, Power

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp.241-252. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 664.142KB).

Dr. Jann Karp

Independent Researcher Academic, Independent Scholar, Gosford, NSW, Australia

Dr. Jann Karp has a PhD in Social Policy from the University of Sydney. Her doctoral thesis and first publication titled Corruption and Crisis Control: The Nature of the Game was her major work that gave operational police a voice. This second major work was conducted in the Long Haul Trucking Industry where again the workers have been given a voice which presents the thoughts and experiences of people in a stressful and complex industry. Neither work has defended illegal or unprofessional activity but the resarch has presented the very real difficulties in workplaces.


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