The Child Rearing Problems and Parental Control

By Agnieszka Szymańska.

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This study focuses on the phenomena of child rearing problems. A model composed of the variables which can explain child rearing problems and parental control usage is established and tested within the study. The present study tested direct associations between parental directiveness, parental control and child rearing problems.
The data were collected from 204 kindergarten children's parents: both mothers and fathers. AMOS 7.0 was used to test the structure model. Model explained 57% of parental control and 21% of child rearing problems with a good model fit. Theoretical model assumed that lack of explanations predict child rearing problems in turn child rearing problems predict parental control usage. Lack of explanations truly explains children's improper behaviours but child's rearing problems is not a predictor of parental control. Another variable which was taken under the consideration in the theoretical model child's negative representation in parent's mind is predicts parental control.

Keywords: Child Rearing Problems, Parental Control, Negative Representation, Positive Representation, Explanations, Indifference

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp.173-184. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.314MB).

Agnieszka Szymańska

Ph.D. Student, Cognitive Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

I am Ph. D. student at Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University. I am interested in parent-child interaction. In the circle of my interests lie conflicts in parent – child interaction and the consequences of the conflicts on child’s personality development. I am interested in psychometric and statistics which I widely use in my researches. I work on application of higher statistics (like Structural Equation Modeling and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling) in the researches concentrated on child’s upbringing process, (especially on children’s relationships with parents and on impact of these relationships on child’s personality development). Lately, I work on linkage of quantitative and qualitative methods in the researches.


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