Causal Attributions of Infidelity of Latvian Residents with Different Kinds of Infidelity Experience

By Iveta Ruza and Aleksejs Ruza.

Published by The Social Sciences Collection

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Sexual, emotional, and other kinds of infidelity afflict any romantic relationships. It is a common phenomenon in such relations, which is poorly understood and is expressed by many ways in any cultural context. The current research focused on causal attributions and verbal responses concerning infidelity in romantic relationships presented by Latvian residents of different age, sex, education, ethnical and religious belonging, as well as ones with different infidelity experience (N=1083). Four types of infidelity experience were taken into account in this study: (a) persons who have no infidelity experience at all, (b) those, who were unfaithful in romantic relations, (c) those, whose partner was unfaithful, and (d) those, who were unfaithful both with partner. The additional variables were: the term and the number of relationships and degree of sexual and emotional satisfaction with existing relations. Results demonstrate the significant differences in attributions concerning infidelity between the different groups of participants. Implications of these findings and directions for future research are discussed.

Keywords: Attributions, Causal Attributions, Infidelity, Infidelity Experience

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.535-548. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 671.012KB).

Dr. Iveta Ruza

PhD Student, Researcher, Social Psychology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia

Education background: Latvian University B.A., M.Sc., PhD studies at Daugavpils University (Latvia). Scientific interests: Social and cognitive psychology, psychology of interpersonal relations, family psychology. Work experince: lecturer (Department of Social Psychology); researcher (Institute of Social Research) at Daugavpils University. Participated in research projects financed by Latvian Ministry of Education and Latvian Academy of Science: "Socialization of Latvian Young people and their journey through life".

Dr. Aleksejs Ruza

Head of Social Psychology Department, Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Social Science, Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia

Education background: B.A., M.Sc. Daugavpils University; PhD. Latvian University; Scientific interests: social cognition, interpersonal relations, social representations. Work experience: docent (Daugavpils University), head of the department of social psychology. Academic experience: courses in methodology of the research and social psychology for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students. Research interests: Social Representations of EU countries among the Latvian inhabitants; Attitudes of Latvian work migrants towards work conditions in Latvia and abroad. Participated in several scientific projects financed by Latvian Ministry of Education and Latvian Academy of Science.


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