Learning Rural Practice and Constructing the Reality of the Rural Veterinarian by Veterinary Students

By Heli Irmeli Koskinen.

Published by The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies

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The countryside and agriculture have experienced many changes that influence the rural veterinarian’s job. In veterinary education, the students are introduced to food animal medicine under the guidance of their teachers who also formulate their conception of the rural veterinarian’s job. The objective of this discursive study was to describe the interaction between teachers and students of Finnish food animal medicine as well as to expose discourses arising from their interaction. Discourse analytically interprets written documents that are indicative of the study. Different discourses fundamental from the learning point of view were found. The reality encountered by the rural veterinarian was actively developed, but equally, pre-existing roles were assimilated without question. The description of the discussions also revealed discourses only manifested on special occasions. A new experimental study of the interaction and professional identity in a veterinary teaching context would still be needed in the future.

Keywords: Constructing, Food Animal, Interaction, Learning, Veterinarian

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp.41-55. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 242.958KB).

Dr. Heli Irmeli Koskinen

Veterinarian Specializing in Infectious Diseases in Animals, Department of Veterinary Biosciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Heli I. Koskinen graduated in 2006 from the veterinary faculty of the University of Helsinki. Simultaneously, she studied behavioral and pedagogical sciences at Helsinki University, and she completed her doctoral studies on veterinary education evaluation. Her publications consist mainly of teaching evaluation in animal reproduction and veterinary diagnostic imaging.